Zombie Bot by stray shadow

Summary Edit

Zombiebots are a race of semi-sentient robots made out of scrap, junk or pieces of metal parts and seemingly random junk and will destroy any bot in the pursuit for fresh oil: Mil or Droid alike. They are often found in the wastelands and in the ruins of Iron Star.

History Edit

Not much is known about their origins, construction or intellect, presumably they are controlled by the Zombiebot King. Zombiebots are first encountered in They Live, after Glitch crosses the first bridge, attacking a group of Mil Grunts. They are encountered throughout the level and the next three levels, ambushing the player wherever possible.

They are encountered again when Glitch explores the ruins of Iron Star.

They are last encountered in the Mil Stadium as a challenge imposed on Glitch, and are not seen again for the remainder of the game.

Combat Edit

Zombie Bots use their surprising speed to charge at the player or prey, flailing their claws and charging at full speed. They do a huge amount of damage in a very short time and their size means they can push targets around off cliff edges, into corners or against other zombie bots in the area. They use a pack mentality, often attacking when in groups of two to four, or using ambushes and surprise attacks when alone. Zombie Bots will after suffering a severe amount of damage will 'disperse' disassembling themselves into a pile of junk. After a short amount of time the junk parts will reassemble back into a functional Bot ready to attack again. After suffering severe damage for a second time, the bot parts will once again disperse and detonate, leaving no remains, after this the zombie bot is dead.

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Trivia & Easter Eggs Edit

Easter Eggs:

  • If the player zooms in on any zombiebot in the game, the "Target" section of the scope will say "WTF?", which is text-speak for "What the ----".
  • On the level "They Live", the player can find two Zombiebots being held prisoner in a cage suspended about halfway through the level. If the player chooses to free them by cutting the wires using their ripper, the zombiebots become indebted to the player, and acting as recruited bots who will fight to their death, even fighting other zombiebots. (Also proving they are sentient, not mindless slaves.)

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