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This page contains story spoilers for Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. Read ahead at your own risk!

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Wasteland Thunder is the fifth level of Metal Arms. After successfully defending Droid Town, Vlax still managed to escape. Krunk whom had captured a Mil R.A.T., tells Colonel Alloy this, and then orders Glitch, Krunk, and Zobby to get in the R.A.T. and chase down Vlax. After a long speed through the Wastelands, Vlax is caught up to, running across a bridge that the R.A.T. cannot cross.This level contains no secret chips, but has a speed chip level time of four minutes and one second.

Story Edit

After defending Droid Town and saving it's citizens from the group of Mils terrorizing it, Glitch heads back to the Droid HQ, where he is told by Colonel Alloy that Vlax still managed to escape. Afterwards Krunk says he captured a Mil vehicle, a R.A.T., and that it will help them catch up to Vlax, and thus prevent him from uploading the location of Droid Town to the rest of the Mils on Iron Star. Colonel Alloy orders Glitch, Krunk, and Zobby to race through the Wastelands in the direction of the Mil Crater Compound to catch up to Vlax and stop him. After this is completed, the level closes on a cutscene of the Droid R.A.T. coming to a drifting stop next to a parked Mil R.A.T., showing Vlax running across a rickety bridge composed of scrap metal, connecting a very deep chasm. Glitch jumps out of the R.A.T. and chases after Vlax, telling Krunk and Zobby that he can chase after Vlax on foot faster without them, and to go back and head him off at the pass.

Overview Edit

Starting presumably somewhere just outside of Droid Town, the player must drive through the wastelands at high speeds in under four minutes and forty seconds. There are numerous obstacles other than just the tricky terrain along the way, as dozens of Mil R.A.T.s litter the path, as well as stray oil barrels that explode upon being run over by the player, or upon being shot by an enemy. As well, there is a Mil Skiff patrolling the entire region, and spots the player early on, ocasionally showing up at preset points in the level, dropping explosives in a carpet bomb path in an attempt to destroy the player.

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