Origin: Mil
Affiliation: Mils
Position: Soldier

A Trooper is an aerial attack Mil bot, equipped with a jump-pack, glide wings, dual lasers and assault Bayonets.

The Troopers dual lasers have a long range with an alternating firing pattern. Dealing damage in small area around where the plasma hits. It is possible to fire quicker than the alternating fire while controlling Troopers.

A highly mobile 'shock-trooper' unit, the trooper can reach great heights and considerable speeds with its jump-pack to shoot from afar, or enter a gliding dive. Colour schemes of bright lightning bolts come in a few different varieties.

The Trooper is also notable for its melee attacks. The third strongest enemy melee weapon in the game, the Bayonet can deal high damage, and when combined with the Trooper's special aerial dive ability can wipe out half of a player's health bar with ease.

Troopers are highly vulnerable to the Rivet Gun and Scatter blasters and the fire of other Troopers. Scatter Blasters are also advisable against the fast-moving enemy, as the weapon spread can assist in hitting them and destroy them quickly.