Scout metal arms

Glitch encountering a Scout in Into the Trenches.

Scouts are small-sized milbots that have the purpose of scouting nearby areas. When scouting, they emite a green light directly from their "eye" to detect enemy movement. When a Scout encounters an enemy, it will enter into an Alert Mode and the green light will turn into a red one. Its movement speed is increased while in Alert Mode and it will rush to sound a nearby alarm to alert other milbots. After sounding the alarm, the Scout will rush towards Glitch and explode when in contact, dealing a good amount of damage.

Location Edit

Glitch encounters the Scouts in the following levels:

  • Into the Trenches;
  • Infiltrate the Compound;
  • Bright Lights, Mil City.

Gallery Edit


Concept art of a Mil Scout

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