Spew (Level 1)

SPEW (Level 1)

SPEW (Level 2)

SPEW (Level 2)

The S.P.E.W. (Small Projectile Emitting Weapon) is a very common Primary Weapon. Commonly used by the red-plated Grunts, it is an ammunition-eating fully-automatic light machine gun. From ammo varying at level 1 to have 60 rounds a clip, to level 2 having 70, to level 3 having 100. Making an initial appearance in the level Do Ore Die, it can be found throughout the level and appears from then on out through the rest of the game.



SPEW (Level 3)

Level Ammo Max Ammo RPS RPM Other
Level 1 60 300 + mag (360) 24 1,440
Level 2 70 400 + mag (470) 24 1,440 Longer & taller design,

more accuracy, higher damage.

Level 3 100 500 + mag (600) 27 1,620 Completely new model,

higher damage.

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