Map Summary Edit

Mil Factory is the second multiplayer map available in Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, requiring no secret chips.

In Mil Factory there is one of each type of grunt except the laser grunt, each of which are shielded. The main room has the Green Grunt. The room in front of the Green Grunt houses the Red Grunt and the room to the left of the Green Grunt has the Black Grunt on the upper part. The Silver Grunt can be found by going through the tunnels from either the Black or Red Grunt rooms.

Map Layout Edit

There are 3 rooms and a tunnel like area.

The main room has the Green Grunt and catwalks higher in the room. There is one Recruiter Grenade, Energy and on the catwalks is a Rocket Launcher and Coring Charges.

In the Second room is the Red Grunt with a S.P.E.W. and a launch pad going to the second floor. There is also an entrance to the tunnel area. On the second floor is Energy and a Rivet gun, with a hall going to the catwalks, containing a Ripper and Energy.

In the tunnels is Energy, a Scatter Blaster and a EMP Grenade along with the the Silver Grunt.

In the third room there are two floors, with doorways on the lower level going to the main room and the tunnels. On the Bottom floor is a Recruiter Grenade, Coring Charges and a launch pad. On the second level is a rivet gun and the black grunt along with a hall to the catwalks.

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