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Welcome to the community portal! Edit

Here you can find a list of resources, information, and other useful things if you are looking to help out with this wiki.

Wiki-Specific Guidelines: Edit

What you can do to help (Simple form):
Create new pages and edit existing pages on the Metal Arms Wiki to add/revise information about the game, it's content, and it's universe.
Feel free to fix grammatical and spelling errors. We're only human. (However do not nitpick about the spelling of certain words, e.g. "Gray" and "Grey", or "Color" and "Colour", and "Defense" or "Defence", as both are correct.
Page missing some information or has something wrong? consult the game to make sure, and if it is actually wrong then go ahead and fix it. (Preferably citing a source to your claim of difference.)
If you're looking for pages that need a lot of work done, check the "Pages that need improvement" page.

What you can't do to help (Simple form):

Use opinions or related in a page (ex: "I recommend x weapon for taking out Y enemy", however listing things such as how much damage reduction something like a vehicle gives is allowed. Just don't phrase it as "use the tank because it makes the player stronger", instead phrase it as how much damage reduction the tank provides)
Do not Include fan-theories about the game and the game's universe. Mind you, they are called "Theories" for a reason.
Use false information or information you otherwise cannot prove is true within the Metal Arms Universe.

The Grey Area of helping:

We understand there is a lot of fan art, and fan models of things from Metal Arms, those things typically do not belong on a wiki, only things from the subject itself do. (Do you go to the Halo or Star Wars Wikia and see official pages using tons of fan art?) If you need a high-resolution image of something in specific, ask the Metal Arms Wikia Bureaucrat Vuthakral, as he can get high-resolution in-game renders of anything you need.

Sources of information for Metal Arms Edit

Obviously, the game itself. Playing through the game & reading it's instruction manual can give you a lot of useful information about the game.

If you have any friends you know who played the game, and are unsure you could ask them if they might know.

The Metal Arms Wikia Bureaucrat Vuthakral knows just about anything there is about Metal Arms, so you can ask him about anything you are unsure about if you need an answer about the game.

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