Metal Arms 2 was intended to be the second of two games that would follow the original Metal Arms.[1]


While the first Metal Arms had critical acclaim, it underperformed commercially. Vivendi had commissioned a sequel before the release of the first game due to positive pre-release reception. Three months after development began, the game was canceled due to the first game's poor commercial reception.[1] Blizzard Entertainment acquired Swingin' Ape Studios in May, 2006.[2]

Steve Ranck of Swingin' Ape later tried to acquire the IP, but Vivendi wouldn't part with it. In 2011, the rights appeared to reside with Activision (Vivendi was acquired by Activision in 2007).[1] Blizzard acquired the Metal Arms trademark in June, 2014.[3] The trademark was updated in September of the same year to include mobile devices.[4]


In Metal Arms 2, it would have been revealed that Glitch was indeed created by the Morbots. The Morbots then intentionally planted Glitch for the Droids to find. The big reveal in Metal Arms 2 was that General Corrosive (the main villain of Metal Arms) was also created by the Morbots, and was Glitch's brother. Exavolt was originally thought to be the creator of General Corrosive, but it was revealed that he was only a pawn used by the Morbots for their master plan.

The Morbots were never seen in the first game, though it is known that they live under the surface of Iron Star. The Morbots generate and control the massive power consumed by the bots on the surface. Exavolt wants that power at his fingertips so he can win the war and rule the planet, but there are only a few gateways that lead down to the Morbot region, and the gateways appear to have no doors. Players can see one of these Morbot gateways in the game when Glitch takes the massive lift up and out of the Morbot region. The next level is the first of the Mil City levels. When that level starts, the structure behind Glitch is a Morbot gateway. The markings match that on Glitch's head

Exavolt never could figure out how to open the gateway. So, he came up with the plan of drilling through the planet's surface to gain access to the Morbot region. The giant drill in the R&D facility was part of this. It's the Mil way of doing things -- sloppy, brute force. The Mils flooded into the Morbot region and occupied it, but the Morbots were nowhere to be found. They would reemerge in Metal Arms 2. When Glitch discovers he was a pawn and killed his brother, he is motivated to settle the score with the powerful Morbots.[1]


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