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Hero Training

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Hero Training is the first level of Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. It takes place in the Droid Mines, where the objective is to save as many droid miners as possible and clear the mils out of the Droid Mines, and then break into their side. The level has two secret chips and has no speed chip.
Hero Training 1

The beginning of "Hero Training"


The Mils have gained access to the Droid Mines. Colonel Alloy sends Hosed and Screwed with Glitch to seal the mines. Glitch and co. make their way through Mil Grunts to the hole where the Mils broke through.


Hero Training 2

As it is the tutorial level of the game, the level is short and simple, with the only Primary Weapon being a level 1 Mining Laser, and the Secondary Weapon being the Coring Charge. The player will take lifts deeper into the mines and learn how to jump, shoot, use chips, and other mechanics.

Collectables Edit

Secret Chips Edit

Hero Training Secret Chip -1

Clear the rocks to free the trapped miners using a coring charge, after freeing the miners go into where they were trapped, to the left upon entering will be the first secret chip.

Hero Training Secret Chip -2

The second secret chip is near the end of the level. Hosed will tell the player to jump through a shaft, which afterward the secret chip will be in plain sight, behind a fence. Take the zipline at the end but slow down & jump off early, landing just ahead of the pool of magma, clear out the Mil grunts and then simply run up the hill and grab the chip.

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