Origin: Milbot
Affiliation: Milbot
Position: Guardian

Guards are an elite type of Milbot and the second type encountered in the game Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. They are tall, red robots who always wield a hailberd that can shoot energy pellets. They are first encountered in Clean Up as the final enemy in the level.


There are spoilers below. Read at your own risk!

Guards are the Mils' elite soldier type, as they are fast and hit hard. They are stationed in areas such as the Mil R & D Labs, Mil City, the Mil Colosseum , and the Mil Space Station. As other Mils, they are prone to stopping to taunt and are created from larger versions of Mil Creators.

By the end of the game, Guards, as every other Mil, are shut down permenantly.


Guards have very simple attacks and attack pattern. In close combat, they swing their hailberds to chop up their enemies, and from far away, they shoot their energy pellets from the hailberd's tip. Their weaponless arm can be destroyed, but it will not hinder their abilities.

Like most Mils, they can be controlled via the Control Tether.

Guard Controls
Nintendo Gamecube Microsoft Xbox/Xbox 360 Sony Playstation 2
Move/Aim Control Stick/C Stick Left Analog Stick/Right Analog Stick Left Analog Stick/Right Analog Stick
Jump A Button A Button X Button
Shoot R Button R Trigger R1 Button
Swing L Button L Trigger L1 Button

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