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F&!?ing Krunked is the sixteenth level of Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. It takes place in the Mil R & D Labs and the objective is for Krunk to meet up with Glitch. It is the only level where Krunk is playable.

F&amp;!?ing Krunked Overview

A picture of the first half of the large room in the level "F&!?ing Krunked"

Story Edit

Krunk needs to find a way to get to Glitch, and stumbles upon a room full of Mils undergoing experiments by a group of Mil Scientists. Krunk must blast his way through using the enemies abilities and meet up with Glitch.


After Krunk escapes from being captures by the Mils, he needs to find a way to meet up with Glitch. He heads into the ventilation system of the Mil R&D Labs and finds himself in a singular large but close-quarters room full of experimental Milbots. Krunk presses a button on a control panel in the room which then releases all of the experimental bots freely into the room, none of which have a functioning friend-foe identification and thus shoot at random bots in the room. A local lockdown is engaged, and after Krunk uses his Control Tether & EMP grenades to take control of & destroy all of the experimental bots, the lockdown is released, and he meets up with Glitch. He then brags about his control tether, and gives it to Glitch to use for the rest of his journey.

There are 0 Secret Chips, but the level has a Speed Chip available for beating the level in under three minutes and fifteen seconds.

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