This page is dedicated to leaving a list of Easter eggs, references, and anything else meant to be a hidden little joke in the game, this does not however include a list of secret chip locations.

List of known Easter Eggs/References: Edit

Easter Eggs: Edit

On the level "You Know the Drill", if you take control of the Predator after releasing the drill from it's lock, go to the inventory screen, the mission objectives will read "Evan hopes you had fun with the Predator, Now get up and out of the mining facility."

If you exit the Barter Droids' shop without buying anything, there is a chance that Mr. Pockets will flip off the player.

References: Edit

In the "Colonel Alloy" trailer, Glitch can be seen grabbing what appears to be a redesigned Needler from the Halo franchise, and tossing it to the side as Alloy says "Quit playing around!"

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