Droid Rebellion
Droid Rebellion
Origin: Colonel Alloy
Affiliation: Rebellion

The Droid Rebellion is a small group of droids that have escaped from Mil oppression to join a greater cause - The Liberation of all Droids on Iron Star. The Droid Rebellion is a fighting force consisting of various types of Droid that have been liberated from various forms of labour, from the vast expanses of Mil Mines, possibly even from pre-deactivation. Although the "Classes" of droid are not as clear as Mils, the various types that are similar to one-another can probably be arranged from a "Grunt-esque" class, (The usual Droid that Glitch may encounter on his travels) to a "Titan-esque" class, such as Mozer. The Droid Rebellion's leader is the brave and heroic Droid known as Colonel Alloy.


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