What is this page? Edit

This is a category of pages that vastly need improvement, or are far from wiki standard. It is also where new users will be pointed from the community portal & forums if they wish to contribute to the wikia.

I think <x page> should be on here! Edit

Here is a list of simple questions to ask yourself before adding the category to the page:

Here is a list of simple questions to ask yourself before adding the category to the page:
Does the page have proper information?
Does the page have sufficient information?
Is the pages content formatted & laid out in a fluent manner?
Is the page's information up to wiki-standard? (No "strategy" recommendations, no "I, me, you, your, his/hers, etc", and proper grammar.)
Is the page properly linked/filled with links to other pages on this wikia?
If applicable, does the page have a proper/high quality image?

If you are unsure of whether a page qualifies to be added to this category, please ask & link the page in a new thread on the General Discussion Board.

Why is <y page> on this list?! Edit

For one of the above stated reasons. If you feel that a page that is in this category does not belong here, please bring this matter to the General Discussion Board on the forums by starting a new thread, linking the page that you believe should not be in the category.

But what's the point of this? Edit

To keep track of pages that need work more than some others. It is very easy to lose track of pages that need a lot of work done on them when there are quite a few of them, and a lot go unnoticed due to their lack of popularity.

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