Map SummaryEdit

Big E's House is the first multiplayer map available in Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, requiring no secret chips.

In Big E's House there is a Mil Security Turret, two Titans and one Trooper. One of the Titans can be found in the main room next to the elevator ramp and the other being outside near the edge of the platform. The Trooper can found by going up the elevator on the ramp next to the Titan in the main room, and the Mil Security Turret can be reached by zip lining over to it from the trooper area. 

Map LayoutEdit

There is two "Rooms" The first is the indoor room and the other being the outside area.

Indoors there is small room containing two globes of energy, a Recruiter Grenade and a Scatter Blaster. There is a Titan by the ramp and a Coring Charge, by the destructible bridge is level 3 S.P.E.W. Continuing up the ramp you will find an elevator to where the Trooper is a Ripper and a Magma Bomb. To the right of the Trooper is a zip line to the Mil Security Turret. Continuing up the ramp will lead into a tunnel to the outer area and containing a Scatter Blaster, two Coring Charges and a S.P.E.W.

From the right of the tunnel is a small cave containing a Rivet Gun and a Scope. Across the bridge is a Barrage Cannon and a Recruiter Grenade and to the left of the bridge is a small ledge with a Shield. From the left of the tunnel is an elevator to the platform where another Titan sits and a Scatter Blaster, As well as another tunnel back inside. There is another tunnel to the left of the original tunnel, containing two globes of Energy and a S.P.E.W. and at the end is an elevator down to ground level with a Magma Bomb and a tunnel in.

Going through the tunnel by the outside Titan, you will find a Coring Charge and two globes Energy and come out to a platform in the main room, that has two EMP Grenades and a Rivet Gun. To the right is an elevator down to the bridge.