The Two Bots Edit

Barter Droids

Shady (Right and Mr. Pockets (left)

The barter droids are the two bots that go by the names "Shady" and "Mr. Pockets" (Given they work as black market salesmen it is likely those are just alias names.). These two bots can be found in various levels, in the most random of locations, even as far as making it to the Mil Space Station, somehow. These bots can be found by hearing their repetitive boombox's song, when the shop is opened, they will sell all kinds of items, weapons, upgrades, and ammo in exchange for washers.

Easter Eggs & Trivia Edit

Sometimes when opening the shop, Shady will call the player "Sparky", this is a joke because during the game's development, the character Glitch was almost named Sparky.

Whenever sitting Idle in the shop, Shady will sometimes mention other cities in the game, supposedly under droid control, which should not be the case since Droid Town is supposedly the only remaining droid-controlled city.

While no specific number of exits causes it, there is a chance that when you buy absolutely nothing and exit the shop, Mr. Pockets will flip a bird to the player.

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